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We at Hedz UP Pets just found out, through a new customer, about this incredible man who has made it his mission in life to rescue dogs from shelters in the South that euthanize their animals after only a few days if they can’t find homes for them. Greg Mahle, from Ohio, has become a shining light in this utter darkness.  He has created a lifeline for thousands of dogs — currently upwards of 55,000, and counting!

He purchased an air conditioned semi tractor trailer, outfitted it with a huge number of crates, has a crew of people who travel with him to take care of the dogs, and delivers them to the waiting arms of people in towns up and down the East Coast. It is one of the most selfless stories I’ve ever heard.

Here’s what his website says:

“A Low Cost Transport Service for Rescue Dogs in the Deep South and an Ohio based rescue. We are a licensed USDA Class-T Carrier providing loving, humane road trips for homeless, unwanted and unloved dogs facing assured, immediate death in Southern Kill Shelters. We deliver to Loving “Forever Homes” in New England and the surrounding areas.

“We leave Ohio on Tuesdays, passing through Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi and arrive in Texas on Wednesday nights. Thursday, we work our way from Texas, head across Louisiana and then head north toward Tennessee. Fridays are spent getting from the South to above the Mason Dixon Line. Saturdays are the magic days because, after facing death, all dogs with me are about to embark on the most love-filled part of their lives with their forever families. It is a very wonderful, emotional event for all involved. And. Yes. We usually shed a few happy tears. We are home on Sundays for some hard-earned rest. On Mondays, we clean trailers and sanitize crates and get ready to do “that rescue thing” on Tuesday.”

Check out his website ( and his Facebook page (

Brock is “Mr. Cool” in his sunglasses and Watercollar!!

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Hi, Lynne, I just had to share this pic of Brock in his PFD. We took him swimming in the pool and he won’t get in without his WATERCOLLAR! He hates wearing a life vest because it tips him over, but he dives right in with this!

Stacy Mantle's Brock 062116

Brock — “Mr. Cool”!!

Visit our “Buy Now” page and order one for your water-loving pooch!

New Little Customer from Atlanta — All Ready for his Boat Ride!!

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Here is a photo of our Owen in his new collar, ready for a boat ride on this beautiful Sunday in Atlanta.  With less than strong swimming skills, he needs a little help in the water, as well as security for any mishap on the boat.  Last year, he had a vest-type jacket, which proved bulky, heavy, and too hot.  This collar is wonderful.  Now we are set for a great, safe summer.  Thank you so much.

 Sandra, Randy, and Owen J., Alpharetta, GA

Hedz UP Pets is IN THE NEWS! The REAL news!!!

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dog life preserver saves dogs lives
Photo by Janet Laidlaw

A news story entitled, LET YOUR DOG GO FOR THE GOLD WITH THIS OLYMPIC-INSPIRED GEAR, by Sue Manning of The Associated Press, went out on the wires last Thursday. The Hedz UP Pets Watercollar was one of the products she highlighted! So far, over 100 news outlets have picked up the story across the U.S., including, and in both Australia and England! Check out this link to see just one of the newspapers that picked up the story, the Colorado City Gazette. gear/article/feed/334038

Check it out and share it with your friends! Thank you!!


Arden Moore, National Pet Expert, Names Watercollar as a “Pet Product Pick”

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Arden Moore, National Pet Expert, friend and Friend of Hedz UP Pets, has given us HUGE KUDOS on LinkedIn. She named the Hedz UP Pets Watercollar as one of her Pet Product Picks on her Radio Broadcast in early December. Click on the link below to read her post.

Hedz UP Pets Has a New Distributor in Australia!!

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We welcome Lisa Larman of Pimpama, Queensland (near Brisbane), Australia, to Hedz UP Pets. Lisa is our first Distributor, and we are very pleased to have her on board, and very excited to have a presence in Australia!! Lisa has a beautiful 50-pound female Bulldog, named Ronnie. Ronnie was having a very difficult time swimming and keeping her head above the water, and would quickly become exhausted. Lisa began searching the Internet for a life-saving product that was not a dog life jacket. She found us and ordered a Watercollar to try for Ronnie. Lisa was so taken by the Watercollar and how great it works for Ronnie that she decided she wanted OUR MISSION to become HER MISSION — to Save Dogs from Drowning  — all across Australia!

Lisa Larson's Ronnie in Australia
Lisa Larson’s Ronnie in Australia

If you’re reading this in Australia, click this link to go to Lisa’s Pet Products and place your order! 



Hedz UP Pets Watercollar Honored as one of Top Ten Pet Product Picks by Arden Moore!

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We are indeed thrilled to be honored by Arden Moore, America’s Pet Health and Safety Coach™! Arden has become a dear Friend of Hedz UP Pets!

National Pet Expert Arden Moore Unleashes Her Top Ten Pet Product Picks for the Holidays in Her “Santa Paws”-Themed Radio Broadcast Now Airing on !

Need a great gift idea for a pet or pet lover? America’s Pet Health and Safety Coach™ Arden Moore knows finding the right gift can sometimes be stressful. Moore, who assesses pet products throughout the year, was inspired to create a list of quality products just in time for the holidays—products that keep pets safe and healthy, as well as enrich their lives mentally and physically.

Arden Moore_Oh Behave

“I encourage you to consider the products that made my Top 10 list because they bring out the best in our pets in so many wonderful ways.” Arden Moore

“Our pets give us unconditional love and loyalty 365 days a year,” says Moore, who shares her home with three shelter rescue pets, Chipper, Cleo and Casey. “I urge pet lovers to shop smartly this holiday season. I encourage you to consider the products that made my Top 10 List because they bring out the best in our pets in so many wonderful ways.”

Moore, a pet behavior consultant and best-selling author, unveiled her carefully selected Top Ten list on her award-winning Oh Behave Show, now airing on Pet Life Radio, the world’s largest pet radio network.

Moore chose the following pet products as “best of the best” for 2015: 

1.    Alcott Adventures Explorer First Aid Kit. This 46-piece kit is packed with helpful medical supplies for both pets and people. The portable (8” x 6”) design makes it convenient to keep in the car or put in your backpack. 
2.    Hedz Up Pets Watercollars. Ideal for any dog that spends time near water, this personal flotation device has loops that attach the Watercollar to the pet’s own collar. If the dog should become exhausted or even unconscious, the Watercollar holds him in a position of safety, with his nose held well above the water. 
3.    Solvit Products Car Safety Harnesses. These harnesses integrate easily with your vehicle’s seat belt system, keeping the dog safe while riding in the car, and the driver focused on the road. 
4.    Wireless Whiskers Ultimate Automatic Pet Feeder. This multi-pet feeder can identify up to 8 pets in a household individually and provide them with their specific food portion amount. It solves all of the varying feeding challenges of a multi-pet household like monitoring the portions for an overweight pet, pets stealing another pet’s food, gorging, etc. 
5.    Walkies Fit Bites by Crazy Pet/Cardinal Pet Care. These foot-shaped treats are designed for active dogs and have ingredients that promote heart health, repair joint cartilage and tissue, and burn fat. 
6.    Okocat Natural Cat Litters by Healthy Pet. Okocat litters are made of wood and paper materials, thus are biodegradable and flushable. In addition to being significantly better for the environment than traditional clay litters, they have unmatched absorption and 7-day odor control. 
7.    Nekochan UJI Cat Tunnels. These interchangeable cat tunnels are designed to meet cats’ instinctual needs to play, hide and seek, giving cats a highly enriching indoor activity opportunity. 
8.    Nekochan Telescoping Rod. The high-quality Telescoping Rod adjusts to 3 different sizes and has variable string lengths, allowing a cat to chase, pounce, play or jump on whichever clipped in “fly” toy is on the end of the rod. It provides great exercise for a cat, and allows for important human-cat interaction. 
9.    Buster Activity Mat by Kruuse. The Buster Activity Mat is a mentally stimulating activity a dog can use indoors. Several attached toys come with each mat, and act as multi-level treat puzzles. With the ability to make each game easier or harder depending on a dog’s skill level, the Buster Activity Mat teaches a dog to work with his nose, solve problems and learn new things. 
10.    Solvit Products Homeaway Travel Organizer. The Homeaway Travel Organizer is an attractive bag that is designed to hold all of the items a dog would need to feel at home on the road including: leash, towel, chew toy, fetch toy, poop bags, food, water bottle and collapsible bowls.

To listen to the radio broadcast, or to learn more about each product and where to purchase them, please visit

About Arden Moore: 

Arden Moore, America’s Pet Health and Safety Coach™, is a pet behavior consultant, master certified pet first aid instructor, author and host of the Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio. She teams up with her rescued dog and cat, Chipper and Casey, to conduct pet behavior and veterinarian-endorsed pet first aid classes. Learn more at and

Service Dog, Ike, was the Winner of a Watercollar through Dogster Magazine Contest!

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My dog, Ike, WON your Hedz UP Pets Watercollar from a contest in Dogster magazine! Ike, is my service dog, so I am extra protective over him and the activities he is allowed to do. We bought a new home not too long ago, because, being handicapped, I needed a one-story home. The home not only came with a pool but a one-acre pond as well. Ike, loves all things water related! I can’t chase after him, and when I let him loose into the fenced back yard, he goes straight for the pond every time. With the Hedz UP Pets Watercollar, I feel much more at ease letting him out to play, knowing he is protected against drowning. Thank you for making a product that protects my service dog in the water. Thank you for the peace of mind it gives me.

Jennifer B and her Service Dog, Ike, from California

Jennifer Blanchard's Service Dog Ike
Ike, patiently waiting!
Jennifer Blanchard's Service Dog, Ike
Jennifer’s Service Dog, Ike

Another Friend from England Came Close to Losing her Dog at a Country Park

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Here’s her story:

The reason I would like to buy a Watercoller for my dog, Lacie, is because she nearly drowned last week. We were in a country park and she chased off after some ducks that landed in their pond, followed by Lacie! However this pond had an 8″ high stone wall around it, level from the grass side but 8″ up from the waterline and Lacie could not climb out. I use a wheelchair for mobility and hearing her struggle I raced over the grass to the pond and managed to get out of my wheelchair and lay down on the grass to haul her out by her harness. When I got to her she was going under and coming up briefly and going under again, repeatedly. I feel I just managed to get to her in time. I was quite shaken up, Lacie was very pleased to see me and didn’t seem to fully grasp the danger she had been in.

I searched the Internet and found your Watercollar! It is just what I am looking for to keep Lacie safe around/in water. Something that will keep her from drowning and that she will be able to wear and run around in and not get too hot.

Elizabeth's Lacie in Cornwall, England
Elizabeth and her dog, Lacie, from Cornwall, U.K.                                                                                                              

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