Day 7 on KickStarter!

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RESCUE GROUPS! We have been contacted by several rescue groups regarding people who want to adopt dogs but are having problems adopting because they have a swimming pool or live on a lake. One particular friend of Hedz UP Pets is trying to adopt an Italian Greyhound and they’re afraid they won’t be able to get the dog because of this. These are the exact kinds of problems we want our Watercollars to solve! We at Hedz UP Pets have already donated a Watercollar to this family, and are in hopes it will make the difference.

We are looking for PARTNERS in Rescue Groups. If you are associated with a rescue group, particularly for any of the “swim challenged” breeds, like Bull Dogs, Frenchies, Dachshunds, Boxers, or the short-nosed breeds like the Boston Bull dogs or Pugs, etc., we would love to talk with you. Please email us at ( and let’s see what we can do to help your organization.

P1080523Here’s a picture of OUR beautiful rescue dog!! He ALWAYS wears his Watercollar when he’s near water! Check out our Kickstarter

Day 6 on KickStarter!

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The best part of our KickStarter experience has been reconnecting with friends and meeting new friends. In the process of sharing our link with their dog-loving friends, many friends have written encouraging notes to us to keep working hard to bring this product to market. An added bonus has been how our marketer friends have given us new ideas to get our product noticed. Some of these ideas we may never have thought to explore, but could be ideal for the Watercollar. There is a whole lot of good coming from this experience.

What continues to surprise us is how many people interested in our Watercollar already own a dog life jacket their dog will not wear. Protection should be comfortable. We love it when our dogs are happy. We have a peace of mind when our dogs are safe. Hedz Up Pets Watercollars keep dogs happy and gives their owners confidence that their dogs are protected from drowning.

We’re off to a slow start on KickStarter. We only have 25 days to reach our goal. Please share your awareness of our product and our KickStarter project with your friends.

Help us protect dogs from drowning — one dog at a time!

Hedz Up Pets Proof



First Three Kickstarter Supporters

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Pepper PurduePepper Perdue

Our Very First Pledge of Support came from Pepper Purdue of Houston, Texas. His mom says, “He hates water. Hates rain. Would probably rather walk on water than swim in it, but he wants to protect his friend who love the water!”
Jeanne P., Houston

WP_20140816_12_49_43_Pro Sergio!

We’re supporting this great product! We have a pool and because Sergio is an Italian Greyhound and this breed does not store fat, he sinks, but when we are in the pool, that is where he wants to be. And even though he has a life jacket, he doesn’t love it and in the heat of the summer, the jacket makes him so hot. “No more life jacket for Sergio!!”
Beverly J., Houston


Doug from Canada!

Doug's Amphicar!

Doug’s Amphicar!

Our first Canadian supporter, Doug’s owner said this: Doug was a rescue dog and is the Best Dog in the World. I wanted to get the safety device so I could take Doug safely with me in my Amphicar (amphibious car). Won’t he be cute in that little amphicar?
David H., Canada

Hugs and Kisses and a great big Thank You to all of you!

We’ve gone “LIVE” on Kickstarter — YESTERDAY!!

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Hedz UP Pets has ventured into new territory! Yesterday, we went “LIVE” on Kick-Starter with a 30-day project.

KickStarter is a CROWDFUNDING site where people go to support various creative projects. Some “projects” are inviting pledges to support a book or a play, or to help get a small business off the ground. KickStarter project categories include art, comics, crafts, dance, design (our category is DESIGN – NEW PRODUCTS), fashion, film & video, food, games, journalism, music, photography, publishing, technology and theater.

In this modern era of community support, KickStarter is an appropriate magnet to draw dog lovers everywhere to become a part of this project. We’re an American start-up, trying to bring this new invention to market and propel Hedz UP Pets into the next rapid growth phase. The Hedz Up Pets Watercollar PFD (Pet Flotation Device) is designed to keep a dog’s nose above water, even if unconscious. It is the first proven product of its type. It is a COLLAR, not a dog life jacket.

Most dog life jackets do not protect your dog from drowning. Most dog life jackets are designed to hold the dog in a swimming position. If a dog becomes injured, or worse — unconscious, his head will drop into the water.

Dog Illustrations Final-2 (2)The Watercollar PFD holds him in a vertical position with his nose in the air. This product is your dog’s best choice for drown prevention.

Dog Illustrations Final-1 (2)We anticipate that our experience on KickStarter will, i) help establish additional product creditability, ii) create additional supporters to help promote awareness that dogs DO drown, and iii) impress on each of us that we must take seriously the responsibility of protecting our dogs from drowning. While this KickStarter project is merely a short-term financial plan, it could lead to much more. We are excited to see where this venture takes us!

Beautiful Little Blind Dog Helped by Hedz UP Pets Watercollar

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Sophie, the little blind Bichon Frise from Scottsdale, AZ, is swimming again with her family, now that she’s wearing her new WatercollarTM lifesaving collar. It’s a “life jacket for dogs,” but it isn’t a jacket at all! It’s a flotation collar! The WatercollarTM is the first of its kind in dog water safety.

Sophie’s owner had this to say: ” Sophie will be 12 years old in January 2015, and has been blind since age 6. Our vet says this probably was hereditary. We did also take her to a specialist, still hoping this might be caused by a curable problem. . . Needless to say, we were all upset — probably more so than Sophie!

Little Blind Dog Gets Second Chance at Swimming

She adapted very well with her sense of smell and hearing and she loved swimming with us and following our granddaughters’ voices. We thought she’d never be able to do a lot of the things she loved again — like swimming!

I may be blind but I can swim againOur granddaughters would always ask if Sophie could come in the pool with them, but, every time we got in the pool, she’d bark to get in with us. So we would bring her in the pool and she’d swim while we held her. Now, with your Watercollar, she is comfortable swimming on her own when we’re in the pool. The Watercollar has given her back some of her independence. It keeps her head and ears out of the water as she follows our voices around. Not to mention that our granddaughters think it’s cool that Sophie has her own “floaty.” She’s a happy little dog, enjoying her renewed freedom!”



A Dog’s Life, Summer in the Pool

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We HAD to post this picture for you!  Can you imagine how much fun Micah, the little Westie, is having, just floating in his pool??!!  The Watercollar holds his head up so he can float, swim and play all he wants without any fear of drowning.  It gives his mom, who is living and working in Nicaragua, great peace of mind.

Micah, Erin's dog (Nicaragua)

Singer, the Corgi, Heading to Yellowstone for the Summer!

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A note from a traveling customer: 

“I’m not sure I ever took Singer swimming much before he had his Watercollar…maybe to wade in a stream, but not really swimming. Corgis can swim, they have webbed feet even…but he is a heavy 40 pound dog with small legs, so he really has to work at it. I’m not sure he could swim for very long if he had to.  With his Watercollar on, it really gives him an extra boost, and he plays and swims without getting very tired.  In a pinch, though, I know this collar will hold his head up, even if he can’t.”

S’zanne, Austin, TX

Here are two pictures of Singer.

save from drowning

Singer, barking out about how happy he is with his brand new Hedz Up Pets Watercollar! Quite the crowd pleaser, he meets all the babes in his stylish, bright orange watercollar! And Mom can spot him fast even when he goes after those seagulls!

My dog loves the water

Here’s Singer in one of his favorite places ~~ the lake! He’s quite a dog!

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